Environmental Excellence

2023 Annual Conference Special Recognition & Award Winners

Outstanding Participating Agency - Pasadena Fire Department

Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 - Vince Mendes

Outstanding CUPA Individual - Heather Tanner

Outstanding State Unified Program Individual - John Paine

Outstanding Industry Partner - John Wilson

CalEPA Secretary Award for the Unified Program Leadership

Riverside County Environmental Health

Clark Pickell and Gary Cantwell (Yuba County EH)

2022 Annual Conference Special Recognition & Award Winners

2020 CalCUPA Award Winners

Outstanding Academic Organization
Stanford University – Department of Environmental Health & Safety
Outstanding Related Unified Program Project
City of Los Angeles – Industrial Waste Management Division
CUPA 2020 - Outstanding Related Unified Program Project
Outstanding Legislator of the Year 
Assembly member Wendy Carrillo
CUPA 2020 Outstanding Legislator of the Year
Outstanding Individual at a CUPA
Fariba Khaledan, Los Angeles County Fire CUPA
CUPA 2020 Outstanding Individual at a CUPA
Outstanding CUPA Agency
San Mateo County CUPA
CUPA 2020 Outstanding CUPA Agency
CalEPA Secretary Award for Individual Achievement
Jim Whittle, Shasta County EH
CUPA 2020 Meet the Staff
CUPA 2020 Ceremony Honor Guards
Warren Farnam & Chris Murray, Modoc County EH
CUPA 2020 CUPA Cup Winners
Lifetime Achievement Award 2018
Bill Jones, LA County Fire Department, Founding Board Member
CUPA 2020 - Bill Jones Lifetime Achievement Award

On October 28, 2014, CUPA Forum Board members Bill Jones (Los Angeles County Fire Department) and Mike Vizzier (San Diego Environmental Health) received an Environmental Excellence Award from the Industrial Environmental Association of San Diego on behalf of the CUPA Forum Board (CFB). The CFB is a statewide group that represents all 83 CUPAs and 27 Participating Agencies. This award was for the efforts and leadership in rewriting an entire portion of the California Health and Safety Code dealing with business plans and inventory requirements.

In the awards luncheon, a short video was shown that highlighted the efforts of the CFB and all the stakeholders involved in the legislative process. The CFB thanks all who were involved in this effort, including the many staff in our collective agencies, our business stakeholders, our CAEHA and Cal-Chief's partners and CCEEB for their tireless commitment and dedication to rewrite Chapter 6.95.

2014 Environmental Excellence Award
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